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Verged Marketing is a forward thinking, revenue opportunities marketplace for sellers and advertisers through enhanced data & insights. The way your business performs online speaks volumes about your business and your brand. Control your brand story by having visibility into the metrics that matter most. We understand the role of monetization in the ecommerce space, and that all of our partners need to have an online business that runs 24/7 generating capital.


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E-commerce compliance

Being compliant is a flexible and effective way to position yourself as an authority and generate revenue simultaneously. We utilize the most cutting edge techniques to ensure compliance on several ecommerce platforms to ensure the growth of your e-commerce business.

Facebook Compliance

Developing a strong relationship with Facebook means maximizing revenue for your online business. We operate on different levels of monetization in order to keep your core paying community engaged and nurtured for new products that reinforce your positioning in your space.

We create experiences
that transform brands


After earning the attention of a captivated audience, learn what they love and develop products that reinforce the culture of your community. E-commerce is one of the best way to diversify revenue and establish a brand that last and can integrate an exit strategy in the future.


Our support team is here for you to make the process easy and enjoyable.  Every step is explained, but if you have any questions, we are always happy to provide the answers.


We partner with our clients.

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