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VERGED works with world class Influencers and celebrities to monetize their audience 24/7 through e-commerce and information product launches. We work with the top 1% Influencers and celebrities of the world. The days of brand ambassadors and paid posts are gone. We are extremely disruptive to the market of today. The new age of turning influence into revenue is upon us and VERGED is leading the revolution.

Here is what’s in it for YOU:

  1. You’ll be introduced to the most cutting-edge tools and monetization strategies we currently use to generate 7 and even 8 figure information product launches.
  2. You’ll be immersed in the marketing of celebrities and influencers while sharpening your unique abilities and learn how to build upon them.
  3. You’ll be joining an all-star team of experts in the generation of revenue online and exclusive training based on what’s actually working in the space.

Note: Due to the high amount of inbound requests, we keep the opportunity to join our team very limited.

It’s been over a year since we have actively looked for new people to join the team. This ad will be taken down as soon as we find the right person to join us.

Who are we looking for?

VERGED is seeking eager individuals who can be molded or copywriters trained in the arts of copywriting. At VERGED we believe copywriting is a core part of our team as they lead the world with enthusiasm in their craft. Finding the small psychological biases imbued in every print, tv or digital advertisement must be fun to you. VERGED copywriters understand deeply the strong psychological tools to get people excited, enthused, intrigued, and convert into sales.


Current Openings:

Copywriters: Apply here